Integrate Pixie Vizier with Kurator

What is Pixie Vizier

Pixie is an open source observability tool for Kubernetes applications. Pixie uses eBPF to automatically capture telemetry data without the need for manual instrumentation.

Developers can use Pixie to view the high-level state of their cluster (service maps, cluster resources, application traffic) and also drill-down into more detailed views (pod state, flame graphs, individual full body application requests).

The Pixie platform consists of multiple components:

  • Pixie Edge Module (PEM): Pixie’s agent, installed per node. PEMs use eBPF to collect data, which is stored locally on the node.

  • Vizier: Pixie’s collector, installed per cluster. Responsible for query execution and managing PEMs.

  • Pixie Cloud: Used for user management, authentication, and data proxying.

In this task, we will show you how to install Pixie vizier(work with Community Cloud) with kurator.


This task requires you have installed karmada and have joined at least one member cluster. Otherwise, setup karmada environment following Install Karmada with Kurator.

Get an account from Community Cloud for Pixie

Visit pixie product page and sign up.

After sign in, visit pixie admin page for next step.

Create deployment key

Create a deployment key following the directions here.

Install Pixie Vizier

Kurator provides a very simple command to install Pixie vizier to all clusters joined to karmada.

  • --cloud-addr sepcifies the address of the Pixie cloud instance that the vizier should be connected to.
  • --deploy-key sepcifies the deploy key is used to link the deployed vizier to a specific user/project.
kurator install pixie vizier --deploy-key=<your_deploy_key>

Wait for cluster become HEALTHY:


Following the tutorials to experience with Pixie.