Kurator is an open source distributed cloud native platform that helps users to build their own distributed cloud native infrastructure and facilitates enterprise digital transformation.

Kurator integrates popular cloud native software stacks including Karmada, KubeEdge, Volcano, Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus, etc. It provides powerful capabilities to multi-cloud and multi-cluster, including:

  • Multi-cloud, Edge-cloud, Edge-edge Synergy
  • Unified Resource Orchestration
  • Unified Scheduling
  • Unified Traffic Management
  • Unified Telemetry


Instructions on installing Kurator.


How to simplify cloud native software integration with Kurator

Managed your clusters with Kurator

Learn how to get managed your clusters with Kurator.

Manage Clusters Consistently with Fleet Manager

Learn how to manage clusters with fleet manager.


Instructions on how to create a pipeline easily with Kurator.

Kurator Reference Docs

Detailed documentation on the Kurator API.