Integrate Istio with Kurator

This task shows how to integrate service mesh with Kurator.

What is Istio

Istio is a service mesh—a modernized service networking layer that provides a transparent and language-independent way to flexibly and easily automate application network functions.

In this task, we will show you how to install Istio with kurator.


This task requires you have installed karmada and have joined at least one member cluster. Otherwise, setup karmada environment following Install Karmada with Kurator.

Install Istio

Kurator provides a very simple command to install Istio multicluster Primary-Remote model and add karmada-apiserver as the destination to apply Istio configurations to.

  • --primary specifies the cluster where the istio control plane install.
  • --remote specifies the cluster names that are managed by istio.
kurator install istio --primary member1 --remote member2

Install Istio on different networks

Kurator also providers a simple way to install Istio on different networks.

First, you need label cluster to describe network topology. The following command will label clusters with different networks:

kubectl label cluster member1 --overwrite --kubeconfig=/etc/karmada/karmada-apiserver.config
kubectl label cluster member2 --overwrite --kubeconfig=/etc/karmada/karmada-apiserver.config

Now, run the following command to install Istio:

kurator install istio --primary member1 --remote member2

Next steps

Now, you can verify the installion