Install Karmada with Kurator

This task shows how to integrate multi-cluster orchestration with Kurator.

Install Karmada

The documentation uses Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS as an example.


Deploy a kubernetes cluster using kurator’s scripts. This script will create three clusters for you, one is used to host Karmada control plane and the other two will be joined as member clusters.

git clone
cd kurator

Deploy Karmada

Compile kurator from source

git clone
cd kurator
make kurator

Install karmada control plane

kurator install karmada --kubeconfig=/root/.kube/config

When deploying kubernetes using a script, the kubeconfig is kurator-host.config

karmada installation parameters can be set with --set, e.g.

kurator install karmada --set karmada-data=/etc/Karmada-test --set port=32222 --kubeconfig .kube/config

Add kubernetes cluster to karmada control plane

kurator join karmada member1 \
    --cluster-kubeconfig=/root/.kube/kurator-member1.config \
kurator join karmada member2 \
    --cluster-kubeconfig=/root/.kube/kurator-member2.config \

Show members of karmada

kubectl --kubeconfig /etc/karmada/karmada-apiserver.config get clusters


karmada v1.2.0 and below version, does not support kubernetes v1.24.0 and above version join the karmada control plane

For details, please see 1961